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FILTER PRODUCTS BY Por Larranaga Cigars

Por Larranaga Picadores 2014 LCDH -  5" x 48rg

Por Larranaga Picadores 2014 LCDH - 5" x 48rg

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Por Larranaga is the oldest Cuban Cigars brand that is still in production today. Created in 1834 by Messrs Ignacio Larranaga and Julian Rivera, Por Larranaga has a long history, and a reputation for making consistently beautiful cigars with a delicate presentation.  

Only one of its offerings are hand made today with the rest, products of machine-rolling. The filler and binder tobacco are sourced from the Vuelta Abajo region to produce mild sticks with a balanced and lovely flavour. Check out our favourite, the Por Larranaga Petit Corona, right here on CigarBox.