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Who are we? In short, boxes of bloody good cigars at bloody good prices.

Want the long version? Our mission here at Cigar Box is to offer our customers a huge range of authentic premium cigars at competitive prices.

With over twenty years in the cigar business, both in wholesale and retail, we've been lucky enough to make good mates with cigar people all around the world.

It's these friends that help us set it up for you to buy cigars online with confidence and safety.

At Cigar Box we have a very simple offer:

  1.  We talk to our friends in the cigar world so we can import large shipments of cigars by the box. 

  2. We handle all the shipping, duty and storage. This means you know the cigars have been stored by professionals and the price is exactly what you'll pay (no extra taxes).

  3. When you place your order we carefully package the cigars, place them in a sealed bag with Boveda humidification pouch to ensure they are perfect when they get to you. Then we ship them same day, with the cheapest express shipping in Australia.

We're cigar lovers just like you!

We're in the cigar business because we love cigars. We're always sampling new stock, traveling to tobacco fields and exploring new options. If you ever have a question about a cigar you can call us directly on (1300 CigarBox – 1300 244 272), we're here Monday - Friday 10am - 9pm EST.