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What would cigars be without great toys to go with it? But all ‘cigar toy’s are not created equal and having the right cigar accessory can make or break your entire experience. Here at CigarBox we have all your cigar accessories covered. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced brother or sister of the leaf, there is a product to meet your every need.

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More About Cigar Accessories

Choose your weapon from one of five main cigar accessories categories;

Cigar Cutters: A cigar cutter is a mechanical device that is used to create a clean and smooth cut of a cigar, to ensure the cap is removed and the cigar is opened up to allow you to draw through it. Cigar cutters come in many shapes and sizes and the type of cut you make depends on both personal preference and the tool you have in your hand. Choose from a wide range of Xikar Cigar Cutters and Prometheus Cigar Cutters to help you get a straight cut, a punch cut or the wedge cut you are looking for

Cigar Lighters: Lovers of premium hand-rolled cigars from around the world own a number of different lighters. A good cigar lighter is an essential tool for every aficionado. There are a number of cigar lighter brands to choose from such as Xikar, Prometheus,Siglo and Dupont. If it’s a single-jet or triple-jet lighter, or a lighter to either fit nicely into your hand or to be sat neatly on your tabletop, then you can buy the best cigar lighters online right here at CigarBox.

Cigar Ashtrays: Cigar ashtrays enhance your smoking environment and experience. They are specifically designed to hold a range of cigars of various sizes. Ashtrays for cigars can be made from glass, wood, metal, ceramic and even crystal. Buying the best cigar ashtray comes down to your own personal taste. At CigarBox choose from Xikar Ashtrays, Stinky Ashtrays and many more. Remember looks are important too!

Boveda Humidification: There is always a better way to do things. That is what you get with Boveda Humidification Packs. Think of a quick, easy, cost-effective and stable humidification system that works by providing two-way humidity control to create a perfect storage environment for your cigars. Boveda is what all the great cigar makers of the world use in their personal humidors.

Xikar Humidification: Get all your Xikar humidification products online at CigarBox. Propylene glycol solution, digital hygrometer, crystal clear humidifier jars, Xikar humifan and Xikar humidor regulators.