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Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 - 4 7/8" x 50rg

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 - 4 7/8" x 50rg

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Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 - this highly rated Robusto is what comes to the aficionado’s mind when Juan Lopez Cigars is mentioned. This flagship stick is a 4 ⅞” x 50rg and high quality.    

It was Spanish businessman Juan Lopez Diaz who founded this Cuban cigars brand in the 1870’s. In 1908 the responsibility of production was passed down to his next generation, before the business was sold in 1918 to Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cia.

This remains one brand of cigars that is made only by hand. They are medium to full body cigars with rich flavours and a woody after-taste. It’s one of the best cuban cigars ever to be made.