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Boveda 84% and 72% RH Starter Kit for 25/50 Wood Humidor - 2 Pack

Get that wood humidor vibe without the fuss with the Boveda Humidor Starter Kit. It's all you need to season and maintain your humidor hassle-free. With two 84% RH packs for seasoning and two 72% RH packs for maintenance, your cigars stay primo. Say goodbye to upkeep worries – grab yours now!

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Boveda 84% and 72% RH Starter Kit for 25/50 Wood Humidor - 2 Pack

Boveda 84% and 72% RH Starter Kit for 25/50 Wood Humidor - 2 Pack


Boveda 84% and 72% RH Starter Kit for 25/50 Wood Humidor - 2 Pack


Love the aroma of a wood humidor but intimidated by the upkeep? Spring for a Boveda Humidor Starter Kit when you buy a new wood humidor to prevent pitfalls from the get-go. Everything you need to season and maintain your humidor for months! (Great for tune-ups, too.)

Two (2) 84% RH for Seasoning:
Provides moisture directly to the wood, creates a better seal and prevents the wood from robbing moisture from your cigars.

Two (2) 72% RH for Maintenance:
These replace the seasoning packs to maintain ideal moisture, which protects the flavor, condition and burn of your cigars.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Learn how to properly season a humidor and use Boveda to keep cigars fresh.

This kit is for:
Wood humidors made to hold up to a 50 cigars. For larger humidors, use more than one kit at once.(Humidor not included.)


Boveda is safe to touch cigars.


  • Remove the clear overwrap from the Boveda 84% RH.
  • Place all of the unwrapped seasoning packs inside the EMPTY wood humidor.
  • Close the lid and DO NOT OPEN THE HUMIDOR FOR 14 DAYS—no matter what the hygrometer readings are.
  • After 14 days, open the humidor, remove the seasoning packs, and discard them—they aren’t reusable.


  • Remove the clear overwrap from the Boveda 72% RH.
  • Place all of the unwrapped Boveda 72% RH inside the humidor. For best results, you want Boveda's water vapor to circulate in and around your cigars, so place Boveda:
    - Under the cigar tray or shelf. (If there are vertical slots, make sure your cigars don’t block these air holes.)
    - On top of your cigars.
    - Inside a Boveda Holder that’s affixed to the lid. (If your humidor didn't come with a holder, you can order one here.)   
  • Move your cigars back into your humidor.
  • Expect to replace your first set of Boveda a bit sooner than you will subsequent packs, which will last from two to four (2-4) months.

Don't mix RH (Relative Humidity) levels within the same humidor. And do not use Boveda in the same humidor with other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda.

Use one (1) Size 60 Boveda for every 25 TOTAL cigars a humidor can hold. Example: For a 50-cigar capacity humidor, use two (2) Size 60 Boveda at once. 

Each Boveda in the Humidor Starter Kit is individually overwrapped. 

Unopened package: Up to two (2) years

Do the touch test. Order replacement packs BEFORE Boveda is totally rigid to avoid a lapse in humidity protection in your humidor.
Boveda is still working if you feel: • Hardening at its corners • Soft spots among some hard areas
Boveda is expired if: • The entire pack feels rock solid all the way through. 

RH to +/- 2% accuracy in an airtight container and may stabilize a few points below 72% RH because of humidor quality and external conditions. 

Food-grade salt, purified water and a food-grade thickening agent. 

Size 60: 5.25" x 3.5"

9" x 9.5"

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