Why buy cigars by the box?

Here at Cigar Box we're committed to delivering you the best value, most competitive prices for cigars. 

By buying your cigars by the box you're taking advantage of our connections within the cigar industry to deliver you authentic, quality cigars at the best prices.

  1. When you buy cigars online at Cigar Box you're receiving boxes of cigars that we have sourced directly from the manufacturer to deliver you quality and competitive prices.
  2. Buying cigars by the box ensures you'll receive your cigars in perfect condition. No unnecessary handling means no damage to your cigars. Plus we ship all our cigars with humidified satchels to ensure they arrive ready to smoke.
  3. All our prices include all duties and taxes so there's no surprise fees! Once you place your order your box of cigars will be dispatched from our humidity and temperature controlled warehouse in Australia directly to your door.

We're sure you'll find buying cigars online at Cigar Box to be a great experience and if you have any questions don't forget you can call our service department between Monday - Friday 10am - 9pm EST.