Giving Back

One Heart Foundation

Cigar Box are proud to be working with the One Heart Foundation to help break the poverty cycle for generations of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya.

Led by Dean Landy One Heart began by developing a children’s village in Turbo where orphaned and abandoned children could grow up in a family environment whilst getting a full education.

Now, with the support of Cigar Box and other businesses, a second village is being developed in Soy.

The Soy village is our project and where the J. Barrey Williams learning centre will be located named after our dear friend and mentor who passed away in 2017.

One Heart Children's School

This village will deliver give education to those that would otherwise have had no future at all.  This is the future for over a thousand children over the next 50 years.  

One Heart launched an international design competition with leading planners contributing plans for the new village.

The One Heart Village will need donations close to $1,500,000 to complete and Cigar Box are proud to be a part of the group of businesses working to make this dream in to a reality.