Cigar Price

Cigar Price 

So you've gotten in to cigars, you've done your research and now you want to buy cigars online.

Awesome! Buying cigars online is a great way to get the cigars you want, usually cigars by the box, at some of the best prices.

Now you may be tempted to buy cigars online from America. After all it seems that prices for these cigars is much cheaper than buying cigars in Australia.

But there are a few things worth thinking about first. In fact you may find that it's the same price to buy cigars online from Australia once it's all said and done!

So how much is a cigar?

Let's say, for this example, you want to buy Oliva Series Cigars online. These were one of the top 3 cigars for 2017 so they must be good!

A quick search of the top US sites for cigars shows us that the average price for these is $164.85 USD. Once we convert this to Australian dollars you are paying around $234.55. 

Pretty good! That's less than $10 per cigars. However, shipping from the US to Australia for cigars is quite expensive. On average these online cigar stores charge around $64 Aussie dollars to post to Australia! 

Still, this is only $298 for a whole box of cigars. However the major price of cigars in Australia is the tobacco tax - a whopping $1,090.33 per kilo of cigars.

The Oliva Serie V Belicoso weighs 16 grams so the tax on each of these cigars will be $17.44 per cigar. 

Now the price of this box of cigars has increased from $298 to $716.56.

($234.55 for the cigars + $64 for shipping + $418.56 in tax on the 24 cigars)

And, finally, the GST will be charged on the price of the cigars PLUS the tax - and extra $71. 

At the end of the day, after waiting for your cigars to ship and process through customs, you will pay around $787.50 for a box of 24 Oliva Serie V Belicoso. 

Fortunately there is another option - here at we are making it easier than ever to buy cigars online. By working directly with manufacturers, operating only online and selling cigars by the box we can keep the prices down.  That same box of Oliva Serie V Belicoso with us is $733.20 - almost $60 less than if you buy the same cigars from overseas! And you'll receive them within 5 days.


To recap: Whilst there are some great bargains to be had when buying cigars online, just make sure you account for the tax and shipping costs.