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What Is So Special About Cuban Cigars?

by Jamil Ansari 13 Apr 2022

cuban cigars

Cuban Cigars are world famous. For many years they had the reputation as being the very best cigars one can buy and smoke (though in recent years the Nicaraguans have taken the mantle as the best cigar makers on the planet). Cuba has a long history in Cigars and is a country with rich soil, perfect climate and a variety of black tobacco that is really quite unique. For a long time it was that incredible tobacco combined with the manual labour of passionate farmers, that had produced the world’s best cigars - Cuban Cigars - it’s the tobacco that made them so special!

Cuban Cigars – Long History

Cuba has been growing tobacco for hundreds of years and making the best cigars money can buy since King Phillip of Spain lived, way back in the 1500’s. Before that the ancient people of Latin America, the Aztecs and Mayans, smoked tobacco leaves for medicinal purposes. 

It was Columbus who took tobacco back to Europe from Cuba after discovering the Americas. Not long after that Cuba began exporting cigars and they became a high-demand product of the affluent, right across the globe. 

In 1962 an embargo on trade with Cuba was imposed by the US Government, led by President J.F.K. This stopped all cigars being imported into the USA, but not before the President himself was able to stock up sufficiently to meet his own selfish needs for many months to come. (I probably would have done the same.) 

Meanwhile and still, the rest of the world (and even the Americans, albeit illegally) still love to buy and smoke Cuban Cigars. They are mystical, they are of high quality and their history means if you have only indulged in the best non-Cuban cigars up until now, it’s time to break out and treat yourself to the best Cuban cigars online Australia.

Cuban Tobacco from Rich Soil 

It’s the rich, sandy soil in which the Cuban tobacco is grown that has made Cuban cigars so good for so long. The tobacco is grown in four well known and iconic regions of this North Caribbean Island; Pinar del Rio (inclusive of Vuelta Abajo), Partido, Remedios and Vuelta Arriba

Vuelta Abajo is considered the ‘Mecca of Cigar Tobacco’. The land is sandy and the tobacco is forced to grow under stress (the secret). It’s a region surrounded by rivers and small streams, which provide irrigation, and is farmed by 3rd and 4th generation local farmers who learned the craft from their Grandfathers. It’s this soil and culture shared amongst these local farmers that together makes the tobacco, and Cuban Cigars, so special.

Flavour – Unique and Distinct

Over recent years aficionados from across the world have argued that the best non-cuban cigars from countries like Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, have successfully mounted a challenge against Cuban Cigars. With almost perfect construction, exceptional quality control, balanced 

blending and aesthetically pleasing presentation this may just be an argument they can win (and a potential topic for another blog post). 

Then, there are many cigar connoisseurs that remain steadfast about how Cuban Cigars stand alone with their own unique and distinct flavours, and with a different level of complexity, strength and character that sets them apart from Nicaraguan Cigars and Dominican Cigars.


With strong aromas and notes ranging from earthy to grassy, Cuban Cigars provide a well-balanced and sometimes bold and intense smoking experience, with a longer held finish on the palate with hints of leather and spice. 

So whether you’re having a Ramon Allones Corona straight after breakfast, a Romeo y Julieta Churchill with lunch or a Partagas Shorts straight after dinner, you will be handsomely rewarded by choosing from one of the best Cuban cigars online.

For more reading, see the content at the bottom this page – More About Cuban Cigars




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