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What Are Nub Cigars, Where Are They Made & Are Nub Cigars Good?

by Jamil Ansari 31 Aug 2022

nub cigars

Great things come in small packages and Nub cigars are a perfect example of that.

Nubs are short, fat medium to full bodied cigars made in Esteli, Nicaragua at the Oliva Cigars factory. They are available with a range of different wrappers with names like Cameroon, Connecticut and Maduro. They are flavourful stogie, with a slow, smooth burn, making them a popular choice for any cigar smoker.

Here’s how what Cigar Aficionado described the Nub Cigars in its ‘Top 25 Cigars of the Year’ review;

‘Just the sweet spot. That was the tagline for the NUb concept when it first came out. It claimed that the cigar needed no time to warm up or develop, but was able to localize the most flavorful portion of a cigar and keep the smoker there from first draw to the last. NUbs have successfully infiltrated the culture of premium cigars. Since the brand's debut in 2008, anytime a cigar is short and fat, smokers will casually refer to it as a nub, no matter the brand. They are made by Oliva Cigar Co.

There are four different blends of Nub cigars to choose from, including Nub Cameroon, Nub Connecticut, Nub Habano Sun Grown, and Nub Maduro.’

Some of the sizes you’ll find for these Nub Cigars are; Nub 460, Nub 464, Nub 466, Nub 358, Nub 354 and a Nub 464T.

Here are few of our favourites here at CigarBox;

Nub Habano Sun Grown 460 is a 4 inch x 60rg medium-full bodied cigar. It’s the fullest of all the blends. What makes this stick unique is its Ecuadorian grown, habano seed, sun-grown wrapper. Despite its richness it’s smooth, with a great taste and delivers an experience nearly all cigar smokers will enjoy. NOTE: if you love Cuban Partagas Cigars this is the cigar for you!

Nub Maduro 460 is a 90 point rated stogie with a sweet medium bodied profile. The Brazilian wrapper provides its dark look and at 4 inches x 60rg is a perfect option pre- or post- dinner.

Nub Cameroon 358 Gordo. This 3.75 inch x 58rg pocket rocket is a medium strength, 92 point cigar with a Cameroon wrapper and Nicaraguan filler. It’s smooth burn and rich taste, and the reason it recently landed in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of the year.

Nub Habano Sun Grown 466 is a stick with Nicaraguan long-filler leaves and a sun-grown wrapper. It was best described in a product review by one of our customers Mark. M; ‘The Nub Sun Grown 466 is an amplified version of the Nub Habano. A delicious spicy stick perfectly paired with a bottle of Talisker 10 yr old scotch whiskey. Definitely one of my weekly staples.’

Nice work Mark!!

So which Nub cigar is right for you?

It really depends on your personal preference. But because Nub Cigars are a short line of cigars that use a well-aged blend of tobacco and with a well-balanced smoking experience from beginning to end, they make a great choice for cigar smokers of all types.

Click here to check out all NUB CIGARS



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