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How to Cut a Cigar

by Level 10 Marketing 06 Mar 2021
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How to Cut a Cigar Properly

How to cut a cigar properly. Get it wrong and it will hurt more than just your wallet. Get it right and you’ll have a great cigar smoking experience.

Want to know how to cut a cigar properly? Then, you are asking the right question. Get it wrong and it will hurt more than just your wallet. Get it right and your whole cigar smoking experience will be maximised.

Firstly, why do I have to cut my Cigar at All?

The reason why you have to cut your cigar is that when your cigar is made a small amount of the outside leaf (wrapper) is used to finish the cigar off, by creating a cap on the cigar. This cap means there is one end of the cigar open(the foot) and one end of the cigar closed (the head).

Why is my cigar ‘capped’ in the first place? When I'm going to cut it off anyway before I smoke it.

This is a great question, the reason why a cigar is capped has to do to with two things.

Firstly it is to slow the airflow down through the cigar, this is particularly important when the cigar is not in your humidor or humidified conditions, it is stop the cigar from drying out.

Secondly it is to help hold the cigar together, by finishing the cigar with a cap it is creating a finishing seal to the cigar and when we cut the cigar we are not removing all the cap but just the top of the cap, but more about that later.

How To Cut A Cigar Without A Cutter...You Don’t!

The more you pay for a cigar, the more you’ll want to know the best way to cut a cigar. It’s a combination of both art and science.  Executing a cut is an art! Following a proven to work formula is how you get a perfect cigar cut every time, and that’s where the science comes in.

One of the ‘7 Deadly Sins of Cigar Smoking’ is cutting a cigar with scissors or a knife. Please, don’t do it!!

A great tradesperson never blames their tools. But whether you’re a tradie or not, choosing the right tool for the job is absolutely everything when it comes to cutting a cigar. The wrong tool to cut your cigar is a knife or a pair of scissors. One is designed to cut food and the other is designed to cut paper. Neither should ever be used as a weapon of choice for cutting your cigar. 

The best way to cut a cigar is by using a cigar cutter, just like this little beauty below; Xikar XO Cutter in Brushed Silver

The Best Way To Cut A Cigar In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Cigar Cutter

With so many types to choose from, whether it be a Single Blade Guillotine Cutter, Double Blade Guillotine, V-Cutter, Cigar Scissors or even a Cigar Punch, it all starts with having the right tool. So with stogie in hand, it's time to choose your cutter. The cigar cutter you use will depend largely on a number of factors; the shape of your cigar, the cutter to help make the ‘right’ cut for that cigar, the cigar cutter you own and the type of cut that you are aiming to achieve.

Need to upgrade or add a new cutter to your collection, then you can check out a full range of cigar cutters here > Best Cigar Cutters Online

Step 2: Cut the Head of Cigar

Every Cigar has two ends, the Head and the Foot. For nearly all cigars, the head is open and usually pretty easy to identify. But if you’ve ever indulged in an Oliva V Special Figurado or God Of Fire Anniversario 56 then you might have felt a little confused, or even got caught out by either cutting and / or lighting the wrong end. Regardless, it’s always the foot of a cigar that you light, and it’s the head or the cap that you’ll cut.

Locate the cap. Then follow best-practice, which is to make a cut between 2mm and 4mm from the head-end of the cigar. Aim never to make a cut below the cap. If you do it may cause the tobacco to unravel during your smoke.

To cut a commonly smoked Parejo or rounded cigar, aim to cut 2mm down the head and in a straight line perpendicular to the long axis of the cigar. While there is no rule of thumb when it comes to cutting a Figurado cigar or one that is masterfully shaped to a point like a Torpedo, Piramide or Belicoso, either a straight cut or an angled cut (for a larger draw) will work. Just make sure you don’t cut too far down the head. 

Ultimately, the goal is to cut just enough of the cigar to expose the filler and to provide a resulting draw that perfectly matches your preference.


Step 4: Commit to the cut

With your cigar cutter positioned perfectly above the cap, it’s time to make the cut. The trick is to take a moment to ensure you have your cutter in the right place then commit to it. Do so with authority and with one smooth action, just like you’d cut an apple with a knife.

Step 5: Enjoy your cigar

Now it's time to light your cigar, create an even burn and enjoy every single puff.

The art of cutting a cigar is  such an important part of the cigar smoking ritual. It can make or break your smoking experience. Here’s to helping you make a perfect cigar cut every time.

If we can help or if you have any questions send an email to or give our team a call on 1300 563 268


Joe Box – Your Brother of the Leaf

PS: Cutting your cigar is one of the most important rituals for a cigar smoker. Hope you found the do’s and don’t’s of how to cut your cigar properly in 5 easy steps, helpful?

PPS: When you’re ready, here are 4 ways we can help to maximise your cigar smoking experience…

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